What is Locum Tenens?

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Covelo Direct specializes in placing physicians, physician assistants and advanced practitioners in contract positions with top healthcare systems and private practices across the U.S. These temporary positions for medical practitioners are referred to as locum tenens, a Latin term that means “to hold the place of.”

True to its translation, locum tenens physicians fill in on a temporary basis to hold the place of a full-time physician. Locums physicians contract with staffing agencies like Covelo Direct to perform medical services for healthcare facilities for a set period. The physician works as an independent contractor paid by the agency, which is reimbursed by the employer.

Physician vacancies may occur for any number of reasons, from illness or family leave to retirement or regular staffing turnover. Depending on the circumstances, a healthcare facility might require a locums physician for just a few days, or for many months. In some cases, locum tenens MDs, PAs, or LPNs perpetually rotate through underserved communities that experience a chronic lack of permanent, full-time providers.

Benefits of Locum Tenens

Locum tenens benefits both the physician and the employer, meeting a critical need in our healthcare industry. For our healthcare system to function properly, medical facilities need to remain fully staffed to provide adequate patient care. Locum tenens helps more patients see qualified providers in the face of a serious physician shortage.

By the year 2034, the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) predicts we will experience shortages of between 38,000 and 124,000 physicians. Couple these projections with America’s increasing trend toward an aging population, and it’s easy to see how the demand for locum tenens will only continue to grow in the coming decades.

As for physician benefits, locums MDs, PAs, and LPNs enjoy high hourly wages, flexible schedules with the freedom to plan around vacations, and absolute control over the hours they choose to work. For those who thrive in new environments, working locum tenens is an ideal opportunity to experience living in various parts of the country, with travel and lodging expenses covered in their contracts.

As physician burnout is a growing problem among full-time practitioners, locum tenens might just be the perfect solution for these overworked medical providers. Imagine the fulfillment of doing the work you love and practicing where and when you choose.

What Does it Take to Work Locums?

To work locum tenens, adaptability is the name of the game. This profession is ideal for those who are comfortable with clinical variety and changes in scenery. While you will remain in control of the placements you accept, you could easily find yourself working at a Seattle hospital in June, and a Miami private practice in July.

Each assignment will bring new colleagues, new patients, and new challenges. With the right attitude and perspective in the face of change, you’ll experience immense professional growth and expand your medical career opportunities in the process.

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The staffing experts at Covelo Direct offer a concierge level of service to match physicians and advanced practitioners with positions that will help them achieve their personal and professional goals. We are also experts at negotiating the salary and benefits package you deserve.

A medical career that fits your desired lifestyle is finally within reach – so, what are you waiting for? Partner with Covelo Direct to explore the boundless locum tenens opportunities available to you.

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