Locum tenens staffing

Let your locum advisors improve your facility's healthcare delivery with our premier locum tenens physicians and APPs.

Bespoke locum tenens staffing solutions for discerning healthcare facilities.

At Covelo Direct, we specialize in bespoke locum tenens staffing solutions, aligning our elite locum tenens providers with discerning facilities. We understand each facility has unique requirements, and our aim is to get to the heart of your staffing needs by connecting facilities with top-notch locum tenens providers for in-demand specialties, including emergency medicine, urgent and primary care, psychiatry, anesthesiology, and more. Our desire is to create a symbiosis between high-caliber locum tenens providers and facilities, enhancing healthcare delivery.

We believe in the power of partnership. Our 15 years of healthcare staffing experience, coupled with a profound concierge mindset, means that we handle the nuances of locum tenens so you can focus on care delivery. Our commitment to affordable, personalized, and ethical locum tenens staffing is resolute, ensuring we align with your mission and vision.

Why partner with our firm?

Partnering with Covelo Direct for your locum tenens staffing needs means you are opting for an advisor and concierge partner whose focus is to supply impeccable healthcare staffing.

Rigorous vetting process

We’re dedicated to meticulously vetting and verifying the qualifications and capabilities of each candidate, thereby assuring clients of the high standards and quality of the professionals supplied by the firm.

Tailored solutions for in-demand specialties

Our expertise extends to high-demand fields like emergency medicine, urgent and primary care, psychiatry, anesthesiology, and more. With a profound understanding of each specialty's distinctive staffing needs, facilities can rely on us to match locum tenens providers with the skills and experience needed to excel in their roles.

Seamless credentialing

Our streamlined credentialing and licensing processes ensure your facility’s locums experience is seamless and effortless, allowing you to focus on managing your facility and providing top-of-the-line patient care.

Recent locum tenens placements

A prominent hospital system in northern Michigan faced a staffing dilemma when they unexpectedly lost one of their staff OB/GYNs.

This sudden departure thrust the hospital into a crisis, significantly increasing the workload on the remaining OB/GYNs. The additional weekend and weekday shifts quickly led to signs of burnout among the existing staff.

In response, our recruitment team immediately took action. Within a mere 48 hours, we identified and presented a highly qualified OB/GYN physician, ready to handle the intensive long weekend call. Our swift action was crucial in this high-pressure situation.

Our unparalleled credentialing department played a vital role, enabling us to have our candidate credentialed and granted privileges within just 30 days of introducing her to the client. This successful placement exemplifies our commitment to providing customized, rapid-response staffing solutions. Not only do we fill critical vacancies, but we also help in preventing provider burnout, ensuring the continued delivery of quality healthcare.

Find a locum tenens provider for your facility

Covelo Direct’s expert team delivers top-tier providers to discerning healthcare facilities.

Despite our consultative approach, we offer surprisingly affordable staffing solutions, especially to rural and critical-access facilities that may not have the budget or resources to lure premier physicians to their region.

Connect with a dedicated team of locum tenens staffing professionals you can trust to provide highly qualified healthcare professionals. 

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