Refer providers, earn a bonus

Do you know a healthcare provider or hospital executive who might be a good fit for Covelo Direct? Connect us with them, and we’ll pay a referral bonus after your referral works 300 hours with Covelo Direct through a locum tenens assignment or after 90 days of employment if permanently placed.

Bonus amounts by position

With our referral program, ambassadors and applicants earn a bonus.

  • $1,500 Ambassador / $500 Applicant: Locum Tenens Provider
  • $1,500 Ambassador / $500 Applicant: Permanent Placement: Physician, PA, NP, Executive, Director/Manager
  • $1,000 Ambassador / $500 Applicant: RN
Bonus amounts by position
  • The Covelo Direct Referral Bonus Program is effective October 20, 2022. All referrals submitted on or after this date are eligible for the referral bonus.
  • Bonuses are subject to approval with a minimum of 300 hours completed or 90 days after the start of a permanent placement.
  • The bonus program does not apply to Covelo Direct corporate employees and candidates interviewed and submitted within the last 12 months.
  • Referral bonus payouts will be processed monthly after the minimum hours worked requirements have been met.
  • Unlimited referral bonuses are allowed per person.
Legal policy

To qualify for the Covelo Direct, LLC Referral Bonus Program you can only refer a listed position: Locum Tenens, Physician, Physician Assistant (PA), Nurse Practitioner (NP), Executive, Director/Manager, Registered Nurse (RN). Your referral(s) must be new and cannot have previously worked for Covelo Direct; Your Locum Tenens referral(s) must be contracted by Covelo Direct and work a minimum of 300 hours within 4 months of their start date; Your permanent placement referrals must work 90 days from their start date to receive your referral bonus. Referral bonuses will be paid one time per referral; This program excludes any Covelo Direct, LCC employees whose work responsibilities include recruitment, hiring, or selection of new employees; Each referral is subject to a one-time payment, and the referred candidate may not be referred an additional instance; Payment will be made directly to the employee’s currently indicated method of payment; Referral requests must be done on your own time and not as a part of your regular work duties; This program is strictly voluntary, and there is no obligation to participate or refer any candidate to the referral program; Referral program may be canceled at any time.