How Covelo Direct Benefits Clinical Research Organizations

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While Covelo Direct is best known for placing locum tenens doctors, nurse practitioners, and advanced practitioners in hospitals, we also have a growing list of partnerships with contract research organizations.

Commonly referred to as CROs, these organizations are hired by pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies to offer research management services in clinical trials.

Covelo Direct proudly serves the clinical research industry by providing staffing services to these important institutions.

What CR positions do we fill?

When working with larger CROs, especially research sites, we typically fill the need for medical provider placements. We have experience with placing experienced physicians from every relevant specialty, including anesthesiologists, cardiologists, dermatologists, neurologists, oncologists, psychiatrists, and primary care physicians.

In addition to physicians, we can also provide CR professionals, such as Research Coordinators (CRCs), or Research Associates (CRAs) to assist research organizations with study participant recruitment, documentation, data collection, and performing quality assurance audits to ensure you’re following study protocols.

Some CROs might be seeking Regulatory Specialists to support procedure timelines and manage regulatory documents or Project Managers to oversee execution from protocol development through dissemination of resulting data. We also see a high demand for Primary Investigators, Sub Investigators, and Research Assistants.

CR candidates are in high demand

Staffing for every stage of a clinical trial, from start to finish, can be a tall order for CROs in today’s economy. The healthcare industry has been experiencing a serious shortage of qualified workers for years – and this shortage is only projected to continue throughout the next decade. In particular, we see high demand and a low supply of qualified, experienced CR candidates.

Whether you’re seeking candidates with an MD, PhD, MS, or BS degree, Covelo Direct has the relationships and network to find the right CR professionals to meet your research needs and budget. We have relationships with providers in all phases of their careers and with varied levels of experience.

Depending on the phase, length, and scope of your clinical trials, we can provide staff who can commit to working for several months or up to a year or more. When hiring for CR positions, we look for candidates who are research-minded, data-driven, and pay strict attention to detail.

Personal relationships

At Covelo Direct, we have found that personal relationships in the clinical research industry go a long way. We understand the importance of a good reputation to stay in business. It’s what motivates us to go above and beyond when providing staffing services to our clients.

When working with Covelo Direct, you’ll have a consistent point of contact for your staffing needs. That stability can evolve into a long-term, more personal relationship with your recruiter. This trust will bolster your confidence that you’ll get quality CR candidates that are appropriate matches for your open positions. And, you’ll have a listening ear if a placement isn’t meeting your expectations or adjustments need to be made.

With more than 15 years of healthcare staffing experience, Covelo Direct provides concierge-level service and curated placement of top-level physician talent from coast to coast. Trust and open communication in this partnership will help ensure we match your healthcare company with the best and brightest in the industry.

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