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Staffing Insights

Covelo Direct Marks National Hospital Week 2024 by Addressing the Unique Challenges Faced by Rural and Critical-Access Hospitals

During National Hospital Week, the Covelo Direct team wishes to highlight the unique challenges faced by rural and critical-access hospitals. This week, we honor the indispensable role these facilities play in their communities and acknowledge the staffing complexities they encounter. Many of our facility clients operate in these vital but

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Staffing Insights

6 Advantages of Boutique Healthcare Staffing Firms versus Big-Box Agencies

In the world of healthcare staffing, large impersonal staffing conglomerates—let’s call them “Big Box Locums”—have long dominated the field. These giants have carved out a significant niche for themselves by providing a wide array of healthcare professionals to facilities that are often in dire need of staff coverage. Big Box

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5 Trends We’ll See in Locum Tenens Cardiology in 2024

As the heartbeat of temporary healthcare staffing, locum tenens cardiologists are integral in addressing America’s cardiology provider gaps and the needs amidst ongoing physician shortages. The American Association of Medical Colleges reported an expected deficit of 3,800 to 13,400 physicians in medical specialties like cardiology by 2034.  Locum tenens has

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Company News

Thank You, Doctor: Our Message for National Doctors’ Day 2024

An open letter to the physicians we have had the privilege to meet over the past 15 years. Many professions celebrate special days of recognition, but perhaps none are quite like National Doctors’ Day. Throughout the week, and especially on Saturday, March 30, we reflect on the extraordinary impact you

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Primary Care

5 Solutions for Primary Care Shortages in Your Health System

Primary care is a cornerstone of the American healthcare system. Communities need primary care physicians (PCP) in order to address the vast majority of healthcare needs. But we’re currently experiencing a shortage of PCPs unlike anything we’ve seen before, and this has greatly hindered their ability to provide comprehensive and

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How Long Does it Take to Become a Locum Tenens Psychiatrist?

Navigating the path to becoming a locum tenens psychiatrist involves understanding the journey these professionals have to take that’s different from your typical psychiatrist. Every locum tenens doctor, regardless of specialty, has to undergo the same credentialing, privileging, and enrollment process. But while many facilities can complete credentialing within a

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